Pueblo Rangers

Soccer Club


Occasionally we have a Recreational or Middle School group that wants to put a team together to play in a State sanctioned tournament. Since the players are usually from several teams and the team is not registered with CSA as a Competitive or Intermediate team, there are some special requirements that must be met to put the team together in time for them to be registered for a given tournament. Below is a list of recommended deadlines which will enable the Pueblo Rangers office to have the time to complete the necessary steps for the team to register and play in the tournament.

  • A team must register according to the oldest player on the team. For instance if a team has 13 U-12 players and one U-13 player, they must register as a U-13 team for the tournament. This applies to Middle School teams as well .

  • At least two months prior to the tournament registration deadline,

    • a team should have a team meeting with all of the parents and players on the team to discuss the cost for each player, the commitment required and the deadline dates listed below.

  • At least One month prior to the tournament deadline,

    • All players must be registered with the Pueblo Rangers. 

    • They must provide a copy of the players birth certificate

    • All coaches must be registered with the Pueblo Rangers, 

  • Prior to the tournament deadline,

 Make certain that you have checked the tournament web site and familiarized yourself with the tournament rules, fees, deadlines and processes. When in doubt, contact the tournament director for additional questions.