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The Pueblo Rangers Soccer Club offers a competitive, comprehensive program designed to create an elite training environment to take all players to the next level. All competitive players participate in a tryout process, where our coaches evaluate and place players according to individual skill level, attitude, and experience.

Competitive Staff: 

Under the guidance of our Director of Coaching, Technical Director, and Coaches, Ranger teams are exposed to a wide array of soccer knowledge and experience. Our staff consists of coaches who have playing experience ranging from collegiate to international teams as well as coaching experience ranging from competitive to collegiate.

Competitive Seasons: 

U11-U19 Boys and Girls – Fall and Spring Seasons (August-November, March-June). 

Teams may compete in pre-season and/or post-season tournaments which can extend the season in terms of training and travel. Tryouts are typically held in the month of June.

League games are generally played on Saturdays with occasional games on Sundays. Home games are played at Langoni Soccer Complex, while away games can take you to all corners of the state. Our Competitive teams compete in the CSA (Colorado Soccer Association) leagues and therefore, travel to other clubs in the state is required. CSA determines divisional placement and handles the scheduling.

Competitive Program Fees:

Competitive Fees: $400.00 per season

The Pueblo Rangers Soccer Club has always offered some of the most affordable competitive fees in the state. Tournament fees, field rental expenses, and travel expenses are additional fees collected at team levels.

Competitive Uniforms: The Pueblo Rangers Soccer Club is proud to be sponsored by Adidas. 

Complete kits consist of two practice shirts, two pair of socks, two pair of shorts, and two jerseys. Warm-ups, bags and additional gear may also be purchased from JZS Sports.

                                                                    Uniforms supplied by 

For Questions: Jeff: (719) 250-0393 or Derrick (719) 250-9721

$130.00 for package

(Includes 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 2 practice jerseys)


Competitive Program Questions and Answers:

What will the format of the try-out look like?

We’ll do a combination of technical exercises, small-sided games, and full-field scrimmages in order to determine the technical ability of all of the players and suitability for either the 9v9 or the 11 v 11 format. U11 and U12 teams play 9v9 while U13 and up play 11v11.

How will the players be evaluated?

Players will be evaluated on their technical abilities, as well as, their decision making capabilities and physical attributes.

How will the players be grouped?

The players are divided into groups based on their current teams and ongoing evaluations throughout the year. There may be movement from group to group during the try-out based on each player’s individual performance level.

Is there really any need for a tryout?

Yes. While we evaluate players as much as possible throughout the year, the coaches need to make comparisons in our own controlled environment. There are also a number of players new to the club who come to try-outs every year. Players will be selected on merit and not necessarily according to where they have played previously.

When will the teams be formed and when should I expect a phone call?

We will form our rosters as soon as possible after the tryout process so that everyone receives a phone call in a timely fashion. The second teams in an age group cannot be formed until the first team has been confirmed, so we will go in order and aim to complete the process by the end of the tryout week.

How many players will there be on each roster?

Roster sizes differ from team to team as we seek to find the most appropriate spot for each player. Rosters sizes for U11 – U12 are typically 12-13 players with some exceptions. Teams in the U13 – U18 age groups will carry more players due to the 11v11 format, injuries and the higher demands as players get older.

Can my child play multiple sports?

Yes!!! We have several athletes on our teams that excel at other sports as well. Although Ranger teams require great commitment,  we feel that well-rounded athletes can contribute significantly to our program. We will not discourage players from sampling what is out there. Players and parents, alike, should simply communicate with the coach ahead of time and work together to ensure a positive experience for all concerned.

Further Questions?

J.D. Carter Director of Coaches & Programs 

719-671-5672 coach.jd@hotmail.com

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