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The Pueblo Rangers have developed a special program designed to meet the needs of children that have physical/developmental and cognitive/intellectual limitations. 
Player participation and development are key elements as we build the program. We have 3 groups that we divide our participants into – Juniors, Mids and Advanced. 
Players are placed on teams based on their skill level, with consideration of their age as well. Our Juniors will be our lower, more developmental skill level and generally our younger players. The Mids will consist of our mid-level and age players and the Advanced will generally be our oldest and most advanced players. 


U5-U19 Boys and Girls – Fall and Spring Seasons (September-November & March-May)
Will consists of 4 games total, played at Langoni Soccer Fields
We have also partnered with CSU-P to offer a CSU-P night with the CSU-P coach and players!!!

Fields of play

Advanced Group: Field 3 at 10:00am

Middle Group: Field 7 at 11:00am

Junior Group: Field 6 at 12:00pm

Program Image

01 Jun, 2024 - 31 Oct, 2024

TOPS Soccer Fall 2024

The mission of the Pueblo Rangers Soccer Club is to provide access to a variety of soccer programs for all youth in southern Colorado. The Pueblo Rangers TOPSoccer program was developed to meet the needs of our youth with physical and developmental/intellectual limitations. We want to make sure all youth that have a desire to learn and play soccer have the opportunity! There are no registration fees for this program. It is fully funded by sponsors and each participant will receive a t-shirt and a medal. Please create an account if you have not registered with us before or login under the individual user-existing account tab if you have already created an account. Please do not create a new account if you already have an existing one. We look forward to seeing you out on the field!

The program is currently administered by Debbie Nettles and Kathy Schleifer.

Feel free to contact Debbie for more details (719) 242-4050