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The Pueblo Rangers Soccer club provides scholarships to assist families who are unable to afford the fees associated with playing soccer with the Pueblo Rangers. We rely heavily on donations to provide this assistance. Please help us to continue to help all children who wish to play “The Beautiful Game” of soccer.

If you wish to request a scholarship, you must:

1. Complete the Scholarship application!!

2. Agree to volunteer some time with the Pueblo Rangers organization

Scholarship decisions will be made by the scholarship committee.

Decisions will be communicated via email or text message, 3 days after the closing of the application. 

Scholarship requests after the deadline, will require Board approval. 

Scholarships cover only half of the registration fees; Uniforms are not included.

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01 Jun, 2024 - 30 Aug, 2024

Scholarship Application ONLY

Scholarship application opens June 1st 2024. Application deadline for Competitive and Intermediate Teams is July 15th 2024. Recreational and Middle School scholarship applications are due by August 16th 2024. Volunteer hours are required if approved. Recreational=1.5 hours. Middle School= 2 hours. Intermediate U9/U10=15 hours. Competitive U11/U12=20 hours. Competitive U13-U15 non high school= 25 hours. High school Boys & Girls=12.5 hours

Who was Lucas?

Lucas was an amazing, charismatic and dynamic young man. He made a friend of everyone he met. Those that gave him just a little time, would receive his unwavering loyalty in return. He took younger children under his wing and understood that they looked up to bigger kids. He treated the young with affection. The old, he respected and revered. Lucas never shied away from the elderly; instead, he offered mature conversation, a smile and often even a hug. He had huge heart. Lucas was proud to participate in fundraisers that benefited sick children. He did this frequently through school-wide programs. Lucas sought adventure and action. He enjoyed the outdoors and sought out the challenges Mother Nature could offer. Hiking was one of his favorite activities. While hiking with his family, Lucas would offer to carry the heavy backpack and would challenge his siblings to climb bigger and bigger hills or rocks—often proving to be chivalrous, but still a rough and tumble boy. Soccer filled quite a lot of Lucas’ free time. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his teammates and the battle to win every game he played. He loved to win! He didn’t always take loss well—but that is because he played every game to win it. Although Lucas was only with us to the age of 10, he had already made big plans for his future. Plans he had talked about and discussed since the age of about 7. He was a patriot and intended to join the U.S. Air Force and become a pilot. Lucas has a cousin in the Air Force—a crew chief. Lucas told this cousin that he wanted to attend the Air Force Academy so that he could be his cousin’s boss one day. If you had the opportunity to know Lucas when he was a toddler and up to about 6 years, you would have experienced his fabulous stories. He was a highly imaginative and skilled storyteller. Please help us to help those less fortunate to enjoy the sport that Lucas loved so much and give a few dollars to the scholarship fund when you register your child.