Pueblo Rangers

Soccer Club

To find your child's team information, please enter your child's last name in the "Player Last Name" field below and click "SEARCH".
To refine your search you may add the first name and/or DOB but the last name is required .

Note: If you see the letters "NR-" before the team name, that indicates that the coach has not registered that team yet and your child may be assigned to a different team. If you see "No records found" or "AA-No preference"that means that your child has not been assigned to a team yet. Please be patient as we have over 1000 players to assign.

To find your coach and contact information for the coach, Copy the Team name and past it in the "Team" field below and click search. This will provide you with the coach's name and contact information. Please contact your coach with any questions. If you are assigned to the wrong coach, please email: coach.jd@hotmail.com as soon as possible.