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Welcome to the Pueblo Rangers Team Information page for our Spring 2018 Teams.

Click on a team name to go to that team's information page. From there you can view information about the team including that team's individual schedule. Team coaches and managers can also jump to the team login in page from this area as well. Further more if the coach has added a coach profile. You can view that information as well. Please contact your coach or manager to address any missing or incorrect information. 

RecreationalBoysU9Pueblo Rangers SC '09 B EliteJosh Pacheco
RecreationalBoysU9Pueblo Rangers SC '09 B SelectCody Harmon
CompetitiveBoysU11Pueblo Rangers SC '07 B EliteJason MillerJason Miller
CompetitiveBoysU11Pueblo Rangers SC '07 B SelectJohnny Grove
CompetitiveBoysU12Pueblo Rangers SC '06 B EliteAlex ZemachTara Hernandez
CompetitiveBoysU12Pueblo Rangers SC '06 B SelectLorenzo DelaneyDesi Sandoval
CompetitiveBoysU13Pueblo Rangers SC '05 B EliteFernando RiosLorenza Bannister
CompetitiveBoysU13Pueblo Rangers SC '05 B SelectLorenzo DelaneyTawna Upton
CompetitiveBoysU14Pueblo Rangers SC '04 BChris KirkpatrickLynette Melton
CompetitiveBoysU16Pueblo Rangers SC '02 B EliteRoy StanleyDarrel Archuleta
CompetitiveBoysU16Pueblo Rangers SC '02 B SelectRoy Stanley
CompetitiveBoysU18Pueblo Rangers SC '00 B EliteDustin EthredgeJason Alvarado
CompetitiveBoysU18Pueblo Rangers SC '00 B SelectMiles Sanchez
CompetitiveBoysU20Pueblo Rangers SC '98 B Elite - SerenaCHRIS SERENAJason Alvarado
RecreationalCoedU15Pueblo Rangers Middle Schooltba
RecreationalGirlsU9Pueblo Rangers SC '09 GJoshua ThompsonJenny Harper
RecreationalGirlsU10Pueblo Rangers SC '08 GDEREK SAMSKatie Villarroel
CompetitiveGirlsU11Pueblo Rangers SC '07 GJeff GreenwoodAnna Greenwood
CompetitiveGirlsU12Pueblo Rangers SC '06 GAnthony NibertKatie Champlain
CompetitiveGirlsU13Pueblo Rangers SC '05 GJeff SterlingShannon Villalpando
CompetitiveGirlsU15Pueblo Rangers SC '03 G EliteTJ ThiebautMelanie Winters
CompetitiveGirlsU16Pueblo Rangers SC '02 GtbaTanya Fair
CompetitiveGirlsU19Pueblo Rangers SC '01 GJeff SterlingMichelle Sterling
CompetitiveGirlsU19Pueblo Rangers SC '99 GTIMOTHY DECKERDawn Dickerson Wade