Pueblo Rangers

Soccer Club

Middle School Soccer Rules

                                              Revised 6/30/2017

                                             Effective: Fall 2017 Season

Middle school soccer shall adhere to FIFA rules.


Administration, Rostering, and Game Set-Up

Players, coaches, and spectators must adhere to the Pueblo Rangers Code of Conduct.

Parents and all other spectators are limited to the spectator side at all times during matches.

No spectator or coach is allowed to enter the field of play without referee’s permission.

Coaches who break the rules are subject to disciplinary action from the disciplinary committee to include, but not be limited to, forfeited points and/or suspensions.

All personnel on the coaches/players side of the field are to be listed on that Team’s roster for the current game, and successfully passed a Background Check and Concussion Certification through the Pueblo Rangers.

Sidelines will be restricted to (3) three members of the Coaching Staff and players actively rostered and eligible for the current game.

Every player shall be assigned and rostered to play on one team only. The players on each team shall be appropriately placed based on ability.

Every player shall play for a team representing the school that the player attends. If the player’s school does not have a team, they shall be allowed to play for any other team. After two consecutive seasons rostered with a single school, player can continue to play for that school or begin playing for their home school, should a team be formed.

NO Guest Players will be added to any team’s roster.

Pre-season Tourney will enable Coaches to place players more accurately for the season. Week 1 of the regulation games will allow movement of players between rosters. At the start of Week 2 regulation games no changes will be permitted.

The order of placing teams in divisions will be as follows, and based on player ability/skill level:

o The first team formed from a school will be in the Stars & Stripes division

o The second team formed will be in the American division

o The third team formed will be in the National division

o Every team after the first three will be placed based on coach’s discretion. If a school has 3 teams, they will have 1 team in each Division.

o NO 8th grade players will be permitted to roster in the National League.

o Exceptions may be made with club’s permission.


Game Play

• Half lengths will be:

o 30 minutes for Stars and Stripes Division

o 25 minutes for American and National Divisions

• No slide tackling.

• Substitutions are unlimited and can be made at any stoppage in play with referee’s permission. Players must be at the halfway line before the substitution opportunity.

       • The number of referees may vary depending on availability.

There will be a (5) five minute grace period from the scheduled start time of games. If both Home and Away Coaches agree, the game can begin earlier than scheduled start time.

Pueblo Rangers has a weather policy is as outlined below:

        •       Cancellation of games will occur on site. Soccer is an all-weather sport. Games may be cancelled if the Recreational Director or                  Pueblo Rangers Soccer Club Board has determined that the field is unsafe for play.

        •       Lightning in the immediate area of a game or practice will terminate activity. At least one member of a team’s Coaching Staff will                  install a weather app that indicates distance of lightning (i.e. Weatherbug). At 10 miles away: assess; at 5 miles away: terminate                  all play. Evacuate players, staff and spectators to safety off the field.

        •       If a game in progress is cancelled after the end of the first half, that game will be considered completed, and the score at that                     time is final.

        •       Coaches are responsible to check the Pueblo Rangers website (http://www.pueblorangers.net) to determine if games have been                  cancelled.

For disputes or concerns involving games, a written record of the incident(s) should be submitted to the league director no earlier than 24 hours after the conclusion of the match.