Pueblo Rangers

Soccer Club

Middle School Soccer Rules 
Middle school soccer shall adhere to FIFA rules. 
FIFA Rules: http://www.fifa.com/mm/Document/FootballDevelopment/Refereeing/02/36/01/11/Lawsofth egamewebEN_Neutral.pdf 
The middle school league has additional rules as follows: 
• In the event that a school has multiple teams.  8th grade student can only play on the highest level team.  Exceptions may be made with the clubs permission. 

• No slide tackling. 

• If a school has two teams in the same division, that team is not allowed to cross roster students.  Two separate teams must be declared. 

• If a school has teams in the Stars and Stripes division and in the American division it may bring down ANY three 8th grade players to play on its American team.  3 players maximum.   

• 6th and 7th grade players can play in multiple divisions. 

• Substitutions can be made during a throw in for their team, a goal kick or when a goal is scored.  Players must be at the halfway line before entering the field. • Coaches are expected to only have players who are participating in the game on the sidelines and they must stay within the coaching area.  

• The number of referees may vary depending on availability. 

• Coaches who break the rules are subject to disciplinary action from the disciplinary committee to include but not limited to forfeited points and suspensions. 

• Parents must not occupy the same side as the coaches and players. 

• Coaches, spectators and players must adhere to the Pueblo Rangers Code of Conduct. 

• Any team entering the league with only one team cannot enter into the National division if that team has 8th grade students.   

• Teams must be ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled kick off time to avoid a forfeit. 

• In the event of a tie in the league.  The play off decision will be decided in the following ways: 1. Head to head 2. Most goals against 3. Most goals for 4. Flip a coin.